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King's Fall
Crota's End

  • For Quests, if all players have a character with a matching quest step, it's highlilghted in green. If at least 2 have a matching step it's highlighted in blue.
  • Click on a quest link to pop up a list of all the steps in the quest, with a marker for each character's spot in the progression. Steps with multiple characters are highlighted in blue.
  • For bounties, click on the bounty name to pop up a list of all the bounty objectives. Completed objectives are highlighted in green.
  • The Weekly menu includes daily and weekly activities. Completed items are highlighted in green, somewhat complete items are highlighted in yellow.
  • The Shaxx bounty will show a ? if the user isn't holding the bounty but has enough Crucible rep in the week that it's likely they completed all 5 bounties. This is just a guess, if they did a lot of normal PVP bounties/quests it could be a false positive.
  • If you have any other questions, suggestions, etc just contact me on reddit, see the info in the footer. Happy hunting, Guardian!