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Closest Factions
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CE 390 ({{c.lifetime.ce390}}) VoG 390 ({{c.lifetime.vog390}}) KF 390 ({{c.lifetime.kf390}}) Wrath 390 ({{c.lifetime.wrath390}}) Weekly Story Pub Evt Shiro Variks Shaxx Wrath HM Coming soon ({{c.lifetime.wrathHm}}) Wrath NM ({{c.lifetime.wrathNm}}) Crota Bty - Queen - Daily Heroic Daily PvP Nightfall Weekly Heroic Weekly PvP Gunsmith Tests {{c.progression.gunsmith}} / 5 CoE
- High
- Total
- PR
KF HM ({{c.lifetime.kingHm}}) KF NM ({{c.lifetime.kingNm}}) CE HM ({{c.lifetime.ceHm}}) CE NM ({{c.lifetime.ceNm}}) PoE 41 ({{c.lifetime.poe41}}) PoE 35 ({{c.lifetime.poe35}}) PoE 34 ({{c.lifetime.poe34}}) PoE 32 ({{c.lifetime.poe32}}) VoG HM ({{c.lifetime.vogHm}}) VoG NM ({{c.lifetime.vogNm}})


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  • 390 AoT raids should be good to go, let me know if you see any problems!
  • All factions over 75% ranked are reported above. If none are over 75% then your most complete faction is shown instead.
  • Shiro, Shaxx and public events are guesses based on your faction progress. Doing other activities that raise your Vanguard or Crucible faction may make these falsely report as complete. It's the best we can do for now.
  • Green items have already been completed and/or no rewards can be obtained due to other completions
  • Yellow items are partially completed but more rewards can still be obtained
  • Numbers after weekly completions indicate the number of valid completions (wins in PvP, completion in PvE), since there are rewards for up to 3 account completions per week
  • For raids, once a Hard Mode (HM) raid is completed there are no rewards for NM, so it is marked as green.
  • Items in parentheses are lifetime completion counts for *that character* (so the player may have more completions across other characters). Lifetime completions for deleted characters are not displayed.
Weapon Stats Perks
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Item Stats Perks
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T{{vm.getTier(c.stats.intellect)}} - {{c.stats.intellect}}
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{{(p.progress.nextLevelAt - p.progress.progressToNextLevel)|number:0}}xp TNL
{{p.progress.progressToNextLevel|number:0}} ⁄ {{p.progress.nextLevelAt|number:0}}
{{p.progress.level}} {{p.totalRanks}}*


  • TNL stands for "To Next Level"
  • Any rank ending in * will repeat. The max rank listed is the last rank where special one-off rewards might occur and future ranks will gave stock or no rewards (the cryptarch is a good example of this up to rank 3 things change with him, from then on you always get a simple reward package). It's interesting to note that the PvP factions max at 25 and give you a special reward for rank 25.
  • Click "Show Hidden Factions" to show factions that the API returns that aren't displayed anywhere else. Your guess is as good as mine what they mean but they can be fun to compare.
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